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hansonlawrie works in partnership with business owners and managers in every industry from start-ups to global corporations, who want to:

ATTRACT the right talent. 
BUILD successful team
CULTIVATE and grow their business whilst developing their people.

Our unique joined up approach to Human Resources and Recruitment ensures greater success when it comes to managing performance, recruiting talent and planning for the future.  

Our collaborative approach enables Managers and Owners to achieve the company's goals. 

Clients can have a combination of recruitment and HR services developed specifically to meet their company’s needs and can opt to pay for services as required or choose to completely outsource their Recruitment and HR function. Not only is this more cost effective but we offer realistic advice and solutions that actually help.

Our Specialist Services Include: 


hansonlawrie works with you to design, publish and implement all HR documentation, such as:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Application Forms
  • Medical Forms

hansonlawrie will help manage the drawing up of each Contract of Employment, or Service Agreement for Directors, to ensure that this is legally compliant and tailored to each individual employee, ensuring that the most appropriate clauses and restrictive covenants are inserted within the contracts. We can also review existing employee contracts to ensure compliance with legislation.


Recruitment, search and strategy

hansonlawrie offers central control and management of the recruitment process.

We design a solution that meets all of your requirements, this includes:

  • Development of person specification and job advertisements
  • Managing all applications, screening CVs and shortlisting
  • Conducting initial telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews, managing competency based exercises and supporting with assessment centres if required
  • Managing your interview process and offer stage
  • Preparation and administration of Contracts of Employment
  • Referencing of new employees and pre-employment checks

Job Evaluation and vacancy advertising

hansonlawrie can evaluate your jobs and positions so you know:

  • exactly what duties each job holder carries out
  • understand training needs for individual jobs
  • improve job design
  • identify health, safety and environment hazards
  • encourage dialogue between managers and employees and improve levels of trust

Employment legislation and legal compliance

No one can afford to ignore Employment Law. hansonlawrie provide support on all Employment Law matters including:

  • Contracts and Offer of Employment
  • Managing discipline and grievance in the work place
  • Managing absence
  • Employment policies
  • Employment documentation
  • Diversity, equality and equal opportunities
  • Managing redundancy and employment termination

Training and development

hansonlawrie aims to understand the organisation’s overall goals as well as its day-to-day operational needs so that we can help you make the most of your greatest asset - your people.

We can help you improve the performance of people, upskill teams and train new starters. We can develop and implement training and development tools to support your company's ever changing needs.

HR Policy and procedures

hansonlawrie can ensure your policies and procedures are right for your business. We can review current policies to ensure compliance and relevance as well as develop and create new policies that are necessary.

hansonlawrie will align your Employee Handbook with these policies and procedures and provide support and training to implement them and support managers and employees where appropriate.

Equality and diversity

hansonlawrie will work with you to design, publish and implement a working Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy to effectively stay within the law and promote and prevent discrimination.

We will ensure your company is committed to its Equal Opportunities Policy and all employees are requested to co-operate with its efforts to ensure that the policy is implemented in full.

We can support with tools to monitor the composition of the work force and introduce positive actions if it appears that this policy is not fully effective.

We can deliver training to line managers and employees to improve knowledge and awareness, including understanding of associative discrimination and perceptive discrimination.

We can guide you with any issues relating to Equality, Diversity and Equal Rights, including mediation and management of grievances and disciplinary actions as well as support the workforce with a confidential, independent representative to communicate with.

Employee relations and engagement

hansonlawrie can provide support on Employee Relations issues.  We will work with you to design, publish and implement a working strategy that places a high value on employees as stakeholders in the business, so they feel more valued for the job they do. 

hansonlawrie can develop and manage a programme that supports the engagement of employees, ensuring that quality communication is at the centre of this. We can support with the management of employee recognition programmes, linking to employee performance and therefore providing opportunities for individual recognition.

Performance management

hansonlawrie will work with you to design, publish and implement a working People and Performance Management Strategy and Policy to enhance your business and employee productivity and performance.

We can ensure your company and employees are committed to its People and Performance Management Strategy and Policy and all fully co-operate and support the process to ensure that the policy is implemented in full.

We can support with tools to monitor the composition of the work force and introduce positive actions if it appears that this policy is not fully effective.  As well as deliver training to line managers and employees to improve the use of the business tools. 

We can support with training and development plans for employees, to help maximise their potential and link this to succession planning and talent management processes. 

We can also provide support with improvement plans to help support people under performing to ‘get back on track’ and support the growth of the business, as well as provide the workforce with a confidential, independent representative to communicate with. 

Rewards and benefits

hansonlawrie can review all of the benefits you offer, look at comparisons in the market place and industry sectors to maximise your offer. 

We can develop and implement incentive schemes, bonus programs (individual/team/organisation) and reward mechanisms, linking to your goals and performance.

We can undertake salary surveys and pay benchmarking activities and develop and implement the right pay structure for your company.


Organisation design and management

hansonlawrie will work with you to understand how your organisation operates and support you with the creation of the best organisational model to fit your business needs. 

This will link to the growth plans for the business, recruitment forecasts, changes in economic conditions, succession planning and talent management to help grow and change the business.

We will support with change management processes with structure and organisational changes and link the organisational design to the aspirations of the Directors and look to deliver solutions that are flexible, robust and vigorous to achieve the long term business objectives.

Talent acquisition strategy, succession and resource planning

hansonlawrie can plan and develop a framework (Training Needs Analysis/TNA) and tools to promote skills and qualities associated with the success of the organisation such as management, customer services, project planning, presentations skills, etc.

We can create 'Development Action Plan(s)' to assess the current position and develop and implement Talent Management and Succession Plan strategies.

We can create and develop a ‘Competency model and framework’ for you to use as well as map ‘Gap Analysis’ in skills and competencies to ensure development is targeted correctly.

We can develop a ‘People Strategy’ to include:

  • Recruitment & retention policies and practices, including renumeration
  • Training and development
  • Skills and competency mapping
  • Performance management systems
  • Link with partners to deliver the necessary training, career development programs